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Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Kinetic Wind Sculptures
Harbor View Park Three of Dave's Wind Sculptures add to the beauty of downtown Egg Harbor in Harbor View park.

See pictures of the installation on our Facebook page.

Read the newspaper article about the installation.

  “The “globe” sculpture is up and looks beautiful. Thanks so much for all your help.”
Chris Geetersloh, RN, MSMOB
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital




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Kinetic Wind Garden Sculptures

Dovetail Gallery is pleased to present our popular exclusive Kinetic Wind Garden Sculptures by a regional artist, Dave Riemer. These beautiful outdoor moving sculptures can be simple or complex in design and are both decorative garden ornaments and outdoor contemporary art.

Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture Art in the snow

Using the slightest motion of the air, these moving sculptures gracefully catch the wind, sweeping their arms and changing in the light as they cast complex geometric shadows over your garden.

Made of copper and brass these metal garden sculptures can remain outdoors year round in any kind of weather. The stainless steel axle and sealed bearings guarantee years of maintenance free motion. They will even continue to turn with a full load of snow on them!

Wind Sculpture Details

These kinetic sculptures are created on a half-inch stainless steel axle which is supported by two sealed bearings along the shaft to stabilize and a third sealed bearing at the top that supports the weight of the sculpture. This creates an almost friction less movement and allows the sculpture to move in breezes less than one mile per hour. Each cup is individually cut from sheet copper .025" thick and shaped by hand.

Mounting & Longevity of the Sculptures

The most typical method of mounting is on top of a stand that has approximately two feet sunk into the ground and four to six feet above ground. They can also be mounted in any stable structure such as a deck, tree stump, rooftop or in a moveable cement stand. The sealed bearings and half-inch stainless steel axle allow the sculptures to stand up to all weather conditions.

In the 8+ years that this artist has been creating these sculptures, there has never been any damaged by weather. Standing up against winds greater than 80 mph they can remain outdoors all year around and require no maintenance.

Contact us for more information and availability. And be sure to stop in and see us when you are in Door County, Wisconsin. We have more Kinetic Wind Sculptures to show you.

Question and Answer

Q: Can they stay out all year?
A: Yes, they are completely weather proof.

Q: Do they need to be oiled?
A: No, they are completely maintenance free. The bearings are sealed
against dust and moisture and will only need replacing if the sculpture is
completely submerged or if left upside down in the rain.

Q: Will I have to polish it to keep it shinny?
A: The artist coats the polished sides with a clear enamel. Eventually, the copper will darken when the enamel starts to wear off from exposure to the sun.  It will continue to patina naturally like a copper penny. To bring back the shine, simply polish it with Brasso or any other metal polish. Then spray with a fresh coat of Rustoleum clear enamel.

Q: Will I need to re-apply the blue patina?
A: No, the patina will not wear off and will only become more blue over time.

Q: Do they make any sound?
A: No, not unless it hails.

  Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture Examples   (Click images to see larger.)   Visit us in Door County. We have more designs to choose from in our gallery.
Double Helix Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

Double Helix
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

(62"x 34"x 34")

Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture - Globe

Aquarium *
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

(56"x 36"x 36")

Bi-Directional Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

Bi-Directional *
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

(36"x 32"x 32")
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture - Migration

Migration *
Kinetic Wind Garden

 (36"x 38"x 38")   
Small Helix Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

Small Helix
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

(46"x 36"x 36")
  Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture - Small Star Flare

Small Starflare
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

(32"x 20"x 20")
Star Flare Kinetic Wind Metal Garden Sculpture

Starflare *
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

(86'x 46"x 46")
Tornado Kinetic Wind Metal Garden Sculpture
Kinetic Wind Garden Sculpture

$1595.00 (64"x 34"x 26")
$625.00 (36"x 24"x 18")

* Indicates sculpture turns multiple directions at the same time.