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Uniquely Wisconsin:
Jurassic Egg

Excerpt from WFRV, Local 5 Live
February 22, 2015


Egg Harbor (WFRV) From decorated eggs from around the world to natural eggs of all different species, KathleenMand Beck has over 600. Kathleen has one very special egg in her collection which is 70 million years old and tied to the movie Jurassic Park.

Kathleen is an egg artist-- using her drill to turn plain eggs into little oval masterpieces.

"I love the natural egg the most the different colors of every bird egg is incredible," said Kathleen Mand Beck, Egg Artist.

Kathleen has carved thousands of eggs and has collected hundreds.

"My husband says if there is an egg around I have to have it," laughed Kathleen.

The most famous egg sitting in her Dovetail Gallery and Studio in Egg Harbor is a fossil.

"We have a dinosaur egg right here. It's 70 million years old," explained Kathleen.

And it has a Hollywood connection.

Kathleen says the egg was a prop in the movie Jurassic Park.



In 2002 Kathleen had been looking to add a dinosaur egg to her collection and a friend hooked her up.

"He led me to this woman in Milwaukee who's husband had been a candy maker and he had designed a jurassicjawbreaker and he did it for Stephen Spielberg in the early 90's. And Speilberg liked it so much he gave him the contract to sell the candy all over the United States 1524," explained Kathleen.

Kathleen says that candy maker, Steven Nicolet, got more than just the contract.

"He acquired the dinosaur egg from Speilberg and found out it was actually in the movie Jurassic Park," said Kathleen.

Kathleen was told the egg comes from a member of the Brontosaurus family.

"It's a Hypselosaurus dinosaur egg that was found in France in the 1850's. It was among some of the first dinosaur bones ever uncovered," said Kathleen.

And over time in the ground it fossilized.

"On the outside you can see the smoother part and that's where the egg shells actually are. And then the part that is a little bit lower than that is where the earth has filled it in. It fossilized underneath where it all got filled in," explained Kathleen.

Kathleen had a CT scan done on the egg.

"You can see where the eye was probably and then you can see the backbone, the ribs and the tail section. And because the placenta is so small in the CT scan that was done at Meritor Hospital in 2005 that means that this baby was ready to hatch so it was just about ready to come out to this earth and some how didn't make it," said Kathleen.

The dinosaur egg has been a popular attraction at the studio for years.

"The kids come back year after year and say 'did it hatch yet, did it hatch?' And I'd say well if it did we would be on the news begging from money to support it and buy food for it," joked Kathleen.

Kathleen recently sold her Dovetail Gallery and is selling the dinosaur egg.

However, the egg will stay in Egg Harbor- Kathleen says a new ice cream shop is opening and she sold the egg to the owner who plans on displaying it.

Watch the full video above.